Can buddleia grow in pots?

Growing plants in containers is an easy way to expand your garden, especially if you're running out of space. Containers are ideal for growing fussy plants, showcasing your favorite blooms, and mixing and matching. Plus, it's the best way to invite pollinators to your patio, porch, or deck! It's essential to select the right plants for your pots. Not all plants are the happiest in containers!

We are commonly asked "Can butterfly bush grow in pots?" Thankfully, the answer is yes! We even offer dwarf varieties, like the Pugster® and Lo & Behold® series, which are the perfect size for containers. Try planting this pollinator-favorite in containers to give the butterflies an extra treat in your garden. Here are some of our best tips for growing butterfly bush in containers.

Pink Butterfly Bush in a container

Choose the right size pot

Choosing the right size pot for your butterfly bush is important for a few reasons! If you choose a pot that is too small, the soil will dry out quickly and the roots will become pot-bound. Pots that are too large stay wet for too long, causing root rot. We suggest planting your one quart size plant in a pot that is 8-9 inches in diameter. As the plant grows, increase the pot size by 2-4 inches. Trust us, you and the plant will be much happier increasing the pot size as it grows instead of putting it in a large pot right away!

Pugster amethyst butterfly bush in a pot
Lo & Behold Blue Chip Junior butterfly bush in a pot

Drainage is key

Butterfly bush grows best in well-draining soils, whether it is in a garden bed or container! Ensure your pots have large drainage holes in the bottom. Avoid using gravel, rocks, or sand at the bottom of the pot to improve drainage; it's a myth! All you need is lightweight commercial potting soil. 

Put it in a nice, sunny spot

Buddleia loves to bask in the sun, so make sure you put your pot in a spot with full sun (more than 6 hours sun a day). If your plant isn't receiving enough sun, you can expect fewer flowers and sparse foliage. If you notice it isn't getting enough light, don't worry; containers are easy to move!

Blue butterfly bush in a pot in the sun

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