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Lo and Behold Blue Chip Junior butterfly bush surrounded by pink flowers in a garden
Close up of the blue-purple flowers of Lo and Behold Blue Chip Junior butterfly bush
Three Lo and Behold Blue Chip Junior butterfly bushes covered in purple flower spikes
The dwarf habit and silvery foliage of Lo and Behold Blue Chip Junior buddleia
Three Lo and Behold Blue Chip Junior buddleia blooming in a landscape with an arborvitae

Buddleia Lo & Behold® 'Blue Chip Jr.' - Butterfly Bush

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Your butterfly bush collection needs Lo & Behold® 'Blue Chip Jr.'! This special selection blooms earlier than any other plant in the Lo & Behold series, extending the season by up to two weeks each summer. Foliage has appealing silvery tones for better drought tolerance and better looks. We also like that it's a bit smaller and less brittle than other butterfly bushes, making it perfect for landscaping near pools, patios, anywhere you can enjoy its non-stop display of blue flowers in the summer. This Proven Winners butterfly bush is another fantastic innovation from Dr. Dennis Werner of NCSU and is non-invasive and approved for sale in Oregon and Washington.

Vital details:

Size: 1.5-2.5' tall and wide

Light: full sun (6+ hrs/day)

Water: Average soil & moisture

Hardiness: USDA zone 5-9 (Find your hardiness zone)

Pollinator value: attracts adult butterflies of many species; also attracts hummingbird moths

Notable features: fragrant, deer resistant, drought tolerant, long blooming, deadheading not required.

Plant name: Lo & Behold® 'Blue Chip Jr.' Buddleia x 'Blue Chip Jr.' pp#26,581, cbr#5620

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Customer Reviews

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These poor plants were dead when I received them.

Hello! We apologize you received your plants not up to our standards. As we try our best to provide exceptional service, some factors like shipping and handling are outside of our control, and issues like this can sometimes happen. Please email pictures of the plant to, making sure to put your order number and name in the subject line so that we may provide the best assistance possible. Rest assured, we do have a 60-day guarantee on all of our plants. If you received your plants within that timeframe, we will be happy to apply your warranty once we receive the pictures. Happy Gardening!

Liz O.
Dead Plants

Plants were dead. Emailed twice and called once. No response.

Hello! We have no record of an email or call from you. Please email us at or give us a call at 877-447-4769 and we will assist you immediately. Happy Gardening!

Lo & Behold - Blue Chip Jr. butterfly bush

Came in the normal perfect packaging. They were 1qt 4 each I purchased and i love them. Still babies, but already growing and blooming!

Leslie H.
Stunnted plants

I ordered my last order for this year last month the plants have not grown or bloomed or grown any so I'm not happy with this I don't think I will order agin from this company have had a lot of problems with them

Hello! Thank you for your feedback. Our customer service team is always here to help out with any problems you may have. You can connect with them at We do have a 60 day guarantee on all of our plants and will refund your purchase or replace the plants if you have received your order within that timeframe. (

In regards to plant growth. It is hard to say for certain why you haven't seen growth since so many factors such as weather, soil type, watering, and fertilizing all come into play. When transplanting young plants from a nursery pot to a garden, the plant allocates more energy to root development instead of shoot development (above ground). It's important for them to develop a robust root system so they can actually absorb the nutrients and water in the soil around them. Then after their root system is more developed they'll invest in their shoots and flower development. They generally spend their first year growing roots in their new home, the second year they have more energy to put into growth, and the third year, they are growing and flowering vigorously. This applies to plants in the garden center as well as plants you purchase online. We hope this helps.

Again, our customer service team is always here to help out. Happy Gardening!

Susanna S.
Arrived dry to the bone, hanging on for life, miniscule

Hope they make it.
Not up to the standard of other online plant providers.