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Vernonia 'Iron Butterfly' has purple-pink flowers that pollinators love!

'Iron Butterfly' Ironweed - Vernonia lettermannii

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Late summer and early autumn is go time for pollinators: give them a big boost with 'Iron Butterfly' vernonia (ver-NO-nee-uh). Also known as ironweed, this native perennial looks a bit like a New England aster at first glance, but each flower is an exuberant little puff of pink. The foliage is narrow, with a slightly spiky, willow-like look, and is more disease resistant than most asters, too. Butterflies love this plant, and thanks to its August-September bloom time, sustains them in that crucial period before they wind down for the season.

Vital details:

Plant size: 24"-36" tall and wide

Light: full sun (6+ hrs/day)

Hardiness: USDA zone 4-9 (Find your hardiness zone)

Pollinator value: attracts butterflies, especially swallowtails, monarchs, and painted ladies, as well as other pollinating insects

Notable features: native, compact, deer resistant, long-blooming, drought tolerant

Pot size: one quart

Plant name: Vernonia lettermannii 'Iron Butterfly'

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Judy K.
Didn't grow

When it arrive it look semi healthy, so i gave it some root growth and planted in my garden. Looked hopefully, but than 1 week later it was dead

Katherine S.
Don’t know yet

Since I just planted the Ironweed a month ago or so and we’ve had so much rain, it’s hard to tell. I will let you know next Spring.

Eve K.
Love the Iron Weed Herman I. Cannot wait for next year to see it bloom.

Looking forward to bloom next year

Ursula R.
Plant this plant!

I ordered three plants and all arrived in great condition. I'm growing this plant in a dry mountain climate (Colorado Front Range) and it erupts in the most beautiful shade of blue/purple in late summer when everything else is worn out. Be patient, give it time to acclimate, and you won't be disappointed. It has survived several winters with severe temperature drops, and comes back strong after dying back to the ground. It is a favorite of the Painted Ladies in my garden. I am a master gardener and will plant these three in our demo garden.