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Gay Butterflies Milkweed (Asclepias tuberosa) has showy blooms with red, orange, and yellow hues.

'Gay Butterflies' Milkweed - Asclepias tuberosa

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The 'Gay Butterflies' Milkweed mix boasts vibrant flowers that delight butterflies and other pollinators. With vivid colors, a sweet fragrance, and rich nectar, it's easy to see why it's a pollinator magnet! You'll love it just as much. The fiery red, orange, and yellow hues instantly warm up the garden. It grows in upright clumps with handsome narrow leaves, making it an ideal border for pollinator gardens. Plus, it's highly adaptable and easy to grow, so try planting it in your tough-to-grow sites. It won't disappoint.

Milkweeds, including 'Gay Butterflies' Milkweed, are essential for the Monarch butterfly lifecycle. Their relationship includes more than just swapping nectar for pollination. Caterpillars exclusively feed on their leaves, which are filled with cardenolides. Cardenolides are stored in the bodies of Monarch caterpillars and butterflies as a defense against predators. Without Milkweed, we wouldn't have Monarchs!

Vital details:

Plant size: 2-3' tall x 1-3' wide

Light: full sun (6+ hrs/day)

Hardiness: USDA zone 4-9 (Find your hardiness zone)

Pollinator value: attracts butterflies, hummingbirds, bees, and is the host plant for Monarchs

Notable features: fragrant, great cut flowers, long-blooming, deer resistant, multiple seasons of interest, low maintenance

Pot size: one quart

Plant name: Asclepias tuberosa 'Gay Butterflies'