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Buddleia Miss Pearl has crisp white flowers
Buddleia Miss Pearl is perfect for night gardens
Buddleia Miss Pearl flowers do not need to be deadheaded

Buddleia 'Miss Pearl' - Butterfly Bush

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Create a refreshing oasis in your summer garden with 'Miss Pearl' butterfly bush! This is our favorite white-flowered butterfly bush for bringing a luminous, mysterious beauty to the garden after the sun sets, and attracting night-flying moths. Its blooms a crisp white, not the same dingy ivory you see in lesser butterfly bushes. Enjoy hundreds upon hundreds of flower spikes every summer with no need to trim or deadhead!

Note: this plant cannot currently be shipped to Oregon or Washington; we will update this page when it has met the criteria to be sold in those states.

Vital details:

Size: 4-5' tall and wide

Light: full sun (6+ hrs/day)

Hardiness: USDA zone 5-9 (Find your hardiness zone)

Pollinator value: attracts adult butterflies of many species; also attracts hummingbird moths

Notable features: fragrant, deer resistant, drought tolerant, long blooming, deadheading not required.

Plant nameBuddleia x 'Miss Pearl' pp#28,553, cbraf

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Really Unhappy

Plant arrived half dead. Trying my hardest to bring the few sticks left back to life. Fairly sure the plant won't make it.


I bought this last year and it grew only a four inches. This year some growth appeared to start but it has only 3 leaves and about 3-4" high and it's past mid June. My other. This was a disappointment compared to the blue pugster I purchased years back. My other butterfly bushes are thriving. Not this one.

Hello! Thank you for leaving us feedback. It's hard to say for certain why your Butterfly Bush isn't growing as quickly as you'd like. so many factors - like weather, soil type, watering, fertilizing, and not least of all, the type of plant you purchased - all come into play. When transplanting young plants from a nursery pot to a garden, the plant allocates more energy to root development instead of shoot development (aboveground). It's important for them to develop a robust root system so they can actually absorb the nutrients and water in the soil around them. Perhaps you're familiar with the old saying about plants: first year sleep, second year creep, third year leap. This applies to plants in the garden center as well as plants you purchase online. They generally spend their first year growing roots in their new home, the second year they have more energy to put into growth, and the third year, they are growing and flowering vigorously. With proper care, most perennials and shrubs should grow several inches a year once they are established. Happy Gardening!

Arrived DOA

I ordered four plants. When they arrived, all four were in critical health. I was able to save three, and the fourth, which is this pink one, was unable to come back. So basically I paid for plants which are just now putting out some green leaves in the midst of the dead, brown ones. Definitely poor quality and service!!!

Hello! We're so sorry to hear that you're disappointed in your new plants and apologize that you received plants not up to our standards. As we try our best to provide exceptional service, some factors like shipping and handling are outside of our control, and issues like this can sometimes happen. Typically we advice our customers to remove any dead growth and plant the plant because they typically spring back very quickly. However, wo do offer a 60-day warranty on all of our plants! Please email pictures of any plant(s) in question to claims@greatgardenplants.com, making sure to put your order number and name in the subject line so that we may provide the best assistance possible. If you received your plants within that timeframe, we will be happy to apply your warranty once we receive the pictures. Happy Gardening!

Pauline S.L.
Healthy plant

Miss Pearl was smaller than I expected but she is doing well in my garden and starting to bloom tiny blooms. Shipping was on time and went well.

Miss Pearl is just that - a gem!

Miss Pearl arrived in great shape. We waited 24 hours to let her breathe before putting here into her home in a front flower bed where is is mostly shaded but gets some early morning and a bit of late evening sun. She has adapted well, has established herself, and has grown some both out and up evening showing some white flowers already. She will be beautiful in the spring!